$100 Rebate a ‘positive’ for the sports community

On the bounce: Kids attempt the 100 ball challenge at Marconi Tennis. The challenge aims to improve hand-eye coordination. Picture: Simon Bennett
On the bounce: Kids attempt the 100 ball challenge at Marconi Tennis. The challenge aims to improve hand-eye coordination. Picture: Simon Bennett

Local sports organisation have embraced the $100 sporting rebate for families announced as “the soul” of the NSW budget on Tuesday.

The rebate will allow parents to claim up to $100 for every school-age child every year, as a voucher to reduce the cost of sport registration or membership fees.

Marconi Tennis Academy head coach Stewart Whicker said the voucher was an “excellent idea”.

“The voucher will go a long way in getting kids off electronic devices and into gross motor skill building activities,” said Whicker, who recently created the 100 ball bounce challenge to encourage kids to practise their gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Parents will be able to register online from January 1, 2018, for a voucher to be used on sport activities. 

The annual rebate will not be means tested and will be available for every school child wanting to get involved in community sport and fitness.

Southern Districts Soccer Football Association secretary Gino Marra said the Rebate will hopefully attract new people to sport. This season there are 9000 people registered in the SDSFA.

“The $100 goes a long way when paying kids registration costs,” he said.

“The more kids playing a sport the better. Not just for health reasons but also for mateship and community spirit.”

Fairfield Liverpool Cricket Association president Peter Moore said the rebate came at an opportune time for cricket with clubs likely to have to raise fees this season because of the increased cost of insurance. 

“This $100 will hopefully be enough to get kids on the field especially in our area which isn't Sydney’s richest,” he said.

“Our Cubs Academy is $100 and this may be another way that parents can get their kids into the program and receive coaching from the Fairfield Liverpool grade club.

“All in all it's a positive and hopefully it helps retaining and recruiting.”

Treasurer Dominic Perrottet announced the Active Kids Rebate during his budget address on Tuesday, outlining $207 million to be set aside over four years from 2017-2018.

The rebate supports the Premier's priority to reduce overweight and obesity rates of children by 5 per cent over 10 years.

Fairfield Council is also doing its bit to beat the obesity epidemic.

Council’s Leisure Centre Boot Camp program is open to all residents at the Fairfield Park Obstacle Course.

The recently built course has more than a dozen elements designed to challenge fitness, strength, balance and concentration, including a tyre step climb and a rope climb.

“Getting fit is more fun in groups and with Fairfield Leisure Centre staff on hand you’ll also be able to get tips on staying fit and healthy such as the best food to eat before and after exercise,” Fairfield mayor Carbone said.

The Boot Camp runs throughout the week with sessions at 6am (Tuesday and Friday), 9.30am (Monday and Wednesday) and at 6.30pm (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday).

Each session lasts one hour and prices start from $10.

  • Details: 9754 2078.