OPINION | Angus Taylor MP really gets stuck into Sam Dastyari for saying homes in south-west Sydney are expensive rubbish.

ANGUS TAYLOR GIVES SAM DASTYARI A SERVE: 'Mocking people's homes in south-west Sydney is tasteless'

When Labor senator Sam Dastyari took to Twitter to mock homeowners in south-west Sydney, the Assistant Minister for Cities, Angus Taylor, gave him a real serve on Radio 2SM. Here’s what he said – tell us what you think!

Host Grant Goldman: It’s unfortunate what Senator Dastyari said in his video on Twitter and he used a lot of taxpayers’ money to do it. Angus Taylor is the Assistant Minister for Cities and he’s on the line. G’day Minister. You’re not happy about Senator Dastyari’s comments?

Angus Taylor: No! Look, I represent parts of south-western Sydney and I think it’s pretty tasteless to mock someone’s house as he did. People work incredibly hard to buy a house. It’s a big deal for them and he wanders out here – he lives closer to the city – on an expedition of some sort in a bus and mocks people’s houses. Extraordinary. It’s headline-grabbing with no practical solutions. In the whole two-minute video not once does Sam Dastyari mention a way forward.

Goldman: OK, you’d expect a politician to say, well, we’ve pointed out the problem – that the cost of housing is too high, Labor proposes to do this, that and the other. You’re right, where does it take us?

Taylor: Nowhere. He doesn’t offer a single way forward.

Goldman: It’s a waste of time. To spend money on that on social media doesn’t make any sense at all.

Taylor: Look, I agree Grant and for taxpayers’ money to be spent on this at a time when every dollar is a battle for people out there in the suburbs.

Goldman: One thing he’s forgotten here, when people buy a house, generally they love that house and they’re proud of what they’ve achieved. They don’t need some jumped-up politician in a bus saying they’ve paid a million dollars for rubbish!

Taylor: I wander around my electorate here and people really battle to buy a house. They’re carrying big mortgages and it’s an issue. But they’re proud of what they’ve done, they’re proud of how they’ve been able to buy a house for their family. To mock them is just totally tasteless.


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