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Re: Couple's dangerous plan to hire hit man 

How awful for someone so abusive to have so much control over you. She absolutely deserves to be behind bars for this. Well done to the inmate who reported this. What a tragedy it would have been. – Michelle Gentle

Thank goodness they’re off our street and the kids are safe. – Kathy Zannino  

Re: Blooming good effort at Easter Show

Congratulations, Mr and Mrs Wright. I had the pleasure of having Mr Wright as my year 5 teacher many years ago. Well done to you both. – Wendi Leigh

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Wright. You are still winning awards for your beautiful flowers. – Lauraine Hampton

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Wright. One of my favourite teachers because I could talk cricket with him! Would love to catch up with him! – Dianne Jones

Mr Wright had Dannyelle in 5th class and she loved him as well. Laurie also knew him from when they played in opposing teams with cricket. He always asked about the cricket results at the Valley. A real nice man and Mrs Wright was a real lady as well. – Lauraine Hampton

Re: Education gap widens in NSW

If you've spent the equivalent of a house on your kid's education, he or she had better be going to uni. – Portia Walsh

Re: New twist in Fairfield Council’s bribe allegation

Scumbags! They all needed to be removed from working for Fairfield Council. Obviously, they’re not in it to make Fairfield a better place to live for the local residents but to gain power and fame with their get-rich-quick scheme. – Loc Dg

Re: Road-safe Easter

They're out there to fine people. I ‘ve never heard of someone let off with a warning or just education. It’s a trap. – Xuan Heo Sua

Exceeding the speed limit excessively and dangerous driving should result in immediate seizure of vehicle. Walking home is good for their health and the safety of others. – Bruce Rutledge


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