Marconi Tennis and Squash centre promotes active skills

On the bounce: Kids attempt the 100 ball challenge. Picture: Simon Bennett
On the bounce: Kids attempt the 100 ball challenge. Picture: Simon Bennett

The kids of today can swipe through a gallery of photos on an iPhone or navigate through the latest adventure game on a game console like it’s second nature.

However ask them to kick a football, catch a netball or hit a ball with a tennis racquet and the results are not so consistent.

It’s why head coach at the Marconi Tennis Academy Stewart Whicker is bouncing to make changes – literally

Marconi Tennis have created the 100 ball bounce challenge to encourage kids to practise their gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

The kids do not have to get 100 bounces in a row (although that is the long term aim), instead they can add their bounces on the racquet to 100.

Each time someone completes the challenge they get an entry into the draw to win a new tennis racquet which will be drawn monthly until the end of the year.

Mr Whicker said there has been “excellent feedback” to the challenge.

“My nine-year-old son has even showed interest and actually put his Nintendo down and participated,” he said.

“We find that the majority of kids do not practise basic skills at home so the 100 ball challenge is a way of getting them motivated to get out and practise.”

The challenge is open to all children and adults and not just Marconi Tennis participants.

  • To participate in the challenge download a form from or visit the proshop. Details: 9822 3336