Merrylands on the rise

The rejuvenation of the Merrylands CBD is a step closer to reality.

Resident Gillian Kirby

Resident Gillian Kirby

A Cumberland Council proposal aims to amend planning controls in the Merrylands Station and McFarlane Street precinct to increase building heights and floor space ratios.

The proposal also includes the extension of Main Lane, McFarlane Street road widening and the expansion of the new proposed city square through to Merrylands Road. 

“The objective is to provide greater flexibility in which to deliver the current floor space potential for developable sites within the city centre,” the proposal states.

“Design excellence provisions are also introduced to encourage new developments to contribute to the urban and public domain character.”

A facilitator ran a public hearing last week. 

“Seven community members attended the meeting and discussed the impact of the uplift on property owners outside of the area subject to the proposal, overdevelopment of the Merrylands centre and the notification process undertaken by council,” interim general manager Malcolm Ryan said.

“The facilitator will prepare a report of the meeting which will accompany a post exhibition report for the proposal to the Cumberland Independent Hearing Assessment Panel (CIHAP). Once a recommendation is received from CIHAP, a council report will be prepared for the administrator.”

Resident Gillian Kirby said the public hearing served no community purpose.

“A holistic, not a piecemeal plan, is needed for our centre that looks at infrastructure, overshadowing, privacy - and the dwelling, resident and vehicle numbers – and simultaneously assesses eg the impact of the adjacent Neil Street Precinct planning proposal - as well as the rest of the development on the southern side of Merrylands Road, including the RSL tower development,” she said,

Development in this area is not the issue – but it’s the type and extent of development.

Resident Gillian Kirby

“The concern is that this proposal, along with the others, will encourage overdevelopment, overcrowding, untenable congestion and saturation for our small centre.”

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