Letters to the editor | You have your say about our hospital's emergency and MPs entitlements

Emergency frustration

I know it’s New Year but my son has been waiting 3.5 hours tonight at Liverpool Emergency (from 5pm) for a simple stitch in a cut to his leg that the local GP said was too deep for him to attend to. First, he went into triage, then he came out, went back in for an X-ray (God knows why – there’s no break?) then he’s come back out and now we’re waiting for a third visit to finally see a doctor. Perhaps there will be another twist in the story as it’s 8.30pm and he still hasn’t seen anyone. I’d be seen more promptly if I drove to Broken Hill Hospital. This is an absolute disgrace.

I’ve complained to the Health Care Commission, Liverpool Hospital Facebook site and 2GB. Honestly this needs air time!

  • Mal Webster

Liverpool Hospital responds: We’ve been in contact with the patient’s father to discuss his concerns relating to his son’s treatment and care. All patients presenting to emergency are triaged at their time of arrival and prioritised according to their clinical needs. The patient’s condition is then thoroughly assessed by a health professional and the most appropriate care is provided.

Liverpool Hospital is a major metropolitan trauma and teaching hospital with one of the busiest emergency departments in the state. Staff are dedicated to ensuring patients get timely medical care and are treated according to their clinical needs.

  • Robynne Cooke, General Manager, Liverpool Hospital

MPs entitlements?

Aged voters are fed up. If a pension isn't an entitlement, neither are MPs’ perks! They keep telling us aged pensions aren’t sustainable. Neither are their perks! The rot has to stop.

  • 1. Scrap political pensions.
  •  2. Stop paying retired politicians – let them apply to Centrelink.
  •  3. Return their retirement funds to consolidated revenue.
  •  4. Ban them from voting themselves payrises.
  •  5. Make them pay for their own private health cover or accept ordinary Medicare.

Don't you think it's time? Bring fairness back into this country!

  • Judi Sedwell


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