New year, new school: preparation is vital

Going to a new school in 2017? Transitioning to school in kindergarten or year 7 can be a nervous time for both parent and child.

Cabramatta High School principal Beth Godwin

Cabramatta High School principal Beth Godwin

One thing to be aware of is that the child will take their cues from the parent and stress and tension can be contagious.

Excitement and curiosity is also contagious and a lot more beneficial to the whole family.

Preparing for school needs to happen weeks in advance to avoid: the mistakes that come with rushing; the crowds that are scrambling for school supplies and uniforms and the stress that comes with having to brave day one without school equipment.

Things to do ahead of time include the following.

Buy school uniform and try it on making sure it is a good fit as growth spurts over the holidays can mean new hemlines are needed. Purchase school shoes and have the child wear them around the house the week before school to avoid blisters and rub sores that first week.

Practice waking up at the time to go to school: this will also mean going to bed earlier to break the holiday habit of late nights.

Walk carrying the school bag to get used to the weight.

Cover exercise books to ensure they keep longer.

For senior students read revision and planning notes for 2017, a little each day prevents cramming.

Buy a homework diary and stationery as this makes a great impression on the first day.

Get plenty of rest as the first few weeks can be very tiring.

Have a school haircut a few weeks before school. This will help you feel more confident if the cut is a bit different than you expected.

On the first day of school make sure everyone has a hearty breakfast and leaves the house positive about the year ahead. A new school will be a bit confusing at first. Everyone finds this. The trick is not to let the confusion and nerves show.

As soon as it is possible the parent needs to leave the child with the teachers and show they trust them to provide all the help that is needed.

Parents this is the time when you get to look after yourself. How did you perform? I hope you all have a stress-free, quiet and productive start to the school year.

Beth Godwin, Principal

Cabramatta High School


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