ON LOCATION IN HOLLAND | Smithfield actor sends us his filming report

I really love reconnecting with all of my friends back home in the Fairfield area.

I thought to update you on recent events and to share a few things with you.

I just got back from filming in this feature film in Europe which was a really amazing experience.

The producers arranged to pick me up from Amsterdam, then they took me up to the northern parts of Holland.

We got to film in several different locations throughout the beautiful country.

We travelled from the north right down to the south and I really got to see Holland and experience all of the different and varied foods, so many aspects of their culture . . . and also their great beer. LOL.

I got to share an apartment with an American actor from Las Vegas which was quite fun and really interesting.

Not to mention a professional learning experience for us both.

I kept listening to his American accent and trying to learn it.

Meanwhile, he was working hard to try to understand the Aussie accent. LOL.

Here’s a picture (see more on the web) from our filming on the set which I thought you might like to see.

Recently, before the Europe trip, I appeared in a Maxima paper-towel commercial.

And this advertisement was recently featured on Gruen on the ABC – where the clip actually opened the show in the first minute!

It's a hilarious commercial and a real must-see! Just listen to the crowd. LOL. It really will give you a laugh, I promise you!

Jean-Pierre was born in France and came to Australia with his family at 6. He’s been in Happy Feet, Housos, Rake and Gods of Egypt. He’s currently filming Hello Au Revoir and Out for Vengeance (both due out next year). His film 2:22 (also due out next year) is in post-production and You're Not Thinking Straight is completed and due for release.

  • The Gruen coverage (series 8, episode 10) of the Maxima commercial is available to buy on iView.