Marion Catholic Primary School celebrates Science Day

It was Science Day at Marion Catholic Primary School on Friday, and students had fun creating green slime, sherbet, lava lamps and more.

Students broke into groups and spent their day rotating through eight science stations set up throughout the school.

They tested out theories of gravity by sending marshmallows across the grounds with the help of a makeshift slingshot using rubber bands and chairs, created their very own fossils, and wrote secret messages in lemon juice revealed by UV light.

Ms Muscat said that “all of the experiments were designed to be made using simple ingredients” to help make science a little more practical and fun than normal.

Leah Nangle from Sydney Catholic Schools said that the new curriculum encouraged teachers to bring more practical experiments like the Science Day into the class room. 

Students were particularly impressed with the slimy green goo they created -- and may be bringing a 1970s fashion back into popularity with their very own Science Day lava lamps.