WSROC president says councils tackling littering

WSROC president Councillor Tony Hadchiti
WSROC president Councillor Tony Hadchiti

Western Sydney councils have been working hard to tackle litter across the region.

Recent research undertaken by the Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (WSROC) found western Sydney councils are spending more than $14 million dollars a year cleaning up and managing litter, which results in a cost to each household of $29.04 per year.

With western Sydney councils showing significant leadership on litter prevention and management, WSROC was recently awarded a Regional Litter Grant from the NSW EPA for $139,828 to tackle roadside litter.

Nine councils came together earlier in the year to discuss the extent of litter in this region and develop a regional litter strategy, which maps out the key litter challenges and how we plan to address them to reduce litter in the region.

This plan helped us receive a significant share of the funds awarded across NSW. We will be using these funds to work on projects to tackle litter on major arterial roads that run through our council areas, including the Hume Highway and The Horsley Drive.

The main types of litter found across western Sydney are food and beverage containers, cigarette butts, disposable coffee cups and take away food packaging.

Litter dropped or thrown from vehicles is harmful to our environment, takes hours to clean up and can cause significant danger to others, such as igniting fires or contributing to road accidents.

WSROC is working with key agencies and organisations such as Roads and Maritime Services, NSW EPA, McDonalds, Woolworths, and other key industry stakeholders to continue the fight on litter.

Together, we hope to achieve a 40 per cent reduction in litter by 2020.

You too can help reduce litter by placing rubbish in a bin, or taking your rubbish with you if there is no bin is available when out and about.

Keeping a bag in the car to collect rubbish when away from home, or a container to put your cigarette butts in, can help make a big difference.

You can also help reduce litter by reporting incidents of littering from vehicles to the NSW EPA on their website, or through the Hey Tosser! mobile phone app.

Councillor Tony Hadchiti


Western Sydney Regional Organisation

of Councils (WSROC)