Fairfield High School's Parents Cafe community group becomes not-for-profit

From a small program to welcome migrant parents, Parents Cafe has grown to a fully incorporated not-for-profit organisation.

Community leaders and Cafe regulars celebrated the official launch of Parents Cafe Inc at Fairfield High School on Thursday April 21. 

The initiative, based out of Fairfield High School, was founded in December 2010 by previous principal Robert Mulas. 

The Cafe became an education service, a place for a chat over a cup of tea, and a vital link to the wider community.

Fairfield MP Guy Zangari spoke at the launch on Thursday, calling Parents Cafe team leader Haitham Jaju “the glue that puts everybody together.”

Mr Jaju has helped the Parent’s Cafe grow from a small school initiative to an organisation recognised by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Mr Jaju said that the Cafe has always been focused on the needs of the community.

“We found that every week [parents] were attending with new needs that led us to think about what we could do,” he said.

“For this reason we started working on what they need, because the whole idea is for them – not for us.”

Parent’s Cafe Incorporated has seen small projects such as the community kitchen developing into a professional catering business.

“It’s a big need for most of the refugees – they are skilled,” Mr Jaju said.

“But they need some support in this world.”

Mr Jaju said the organisation’s newly incorporated status will still remain focused on what is most needed in the community.