Kaylens Rain: A cut above

Kaylens Rain - Found
Kaylens Rain - Found

It will be no surprise to this reviewer if Kaylens Rain's Found becomes the find of the year for many a contemporary country music enthusiast.

It is without doubt one of the classiest debut albums I have had the good fortune to hear ... period. In fact, I'm hard-pressed to think of another maiden musical voyage that's so complete.

On show is 11 stellar tracks presented by a brother and sister obviously gifted with an abundance of natural talent.

Hailing from Schofields in Sydney's west, Glen and Kaylee Harrison have been working up to this moment over the last few years. They've certainly come a long way since their time as The Harrisons playing guest spots at the likes of Riverstone Bowling Club and other such venues.

What they have created is a sound that's not only akin but on par with the likes of Lady A and yet still manages to retain its own distinct identity.

In Australian terms, I am at a loss to offer a comparative act, and while not wanting to cast aspersions over their peers, I must say, the quality on offer here is truly a cut above the pack.

In what could easily be described as a sea of young chick singers, lead vocalist Kaylee boasts a real ''something more'' factor. As I listen to this release I don't get the vibe that I've heard it all before, which unfortunately can often be the case when listening to many of today's contemporary lasses.

How much of this is to do with the backing vocals of brother Glen in the mix I'm not certain, but whatever the case it's a definite win for the collective.

On all but the album closer - the title track Found - Kaylee serves as lead vocalist.

Her performance throughout is faultless. She truly provides a sonic sweet that kisses the ears and leaves you wanting more.

Same can be said for Glen, who adds a richness to each track he backs, and when given the chance to soar, adds a new dimension to the act.

Another sensational aspect of Found, and one which sets apart the truly great albums, is the fact that despite the strength of the two debut singles, Is That All There Is and Outta Here [for both videos, click the above picture], there are greater gems to be found within.

Tracks like Catch Me, Don't Even Go There and Used To Be Somebody are definite proof of the above, to say nothing about the title track.

Special note must be made of the selection of material on Found - it's all a perfect fit for the duo - tales of life and love, fresh and extremely relevant.

A sign of wisdom and restraint beyond their years, only two of the tracks come from their pen [cowrites with Jay Collie and Jasper Somerville-Collie, and Mike Carr]. The rest of the tracks come from a who's who of country writers, including Brian D. Maher [Taylor Swift, Emerson Drive], Steve McEwan [Kenny Chesney, Carrie Underwood, Faith Hill], Hillary Lindsey [Martina McBride, Faith Hill] and Scott Stepakoff [Tim McGraw and Adam Brand] to name a few.

The album's roster of players is also extremely impressive. It features contributions from drummer Brian Fullen [SheDaisy, Shania Twain], banjo, pedal steel and dobro from Travis Toy [touring member of Rascal Flatts], and fiddle from Tim Lorsch [Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban].

Something of a rarity, Glen's guitar playing - lead and acoustic - can also be heard throughout the release.

Found was produced and mixed in Brisbane by Andrew Cochrane, who also plays keys and acoustic guitar on the album. His efforts will no doubt see him much in demand as word spreads.

Found is as close to perfection as you will hear in 2012.

It will be released on October 19.

Tracklist: 1. Outta Here; 2. Catch Me; 3. She's A Wildflower; 4. Is That All There Is; 5. The Foolish Kind; 6. Don't Even Go There; 7. Waiting On A Bus; 8. Don't Come Over (Til I'm Over You); 9. Used To Be Somebody; 10. I'm, Not Gonna Follow You Home; 11. Found

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