Decision lies in your hands

It's time to vote this Saturday.
It's time to vote this Saturday.

ON SATURDAY residents will vote to determine the make up of the next Fairfield Council.

There are a total of 87 candidates contesting the 12 available seats in the council's three wards: Parks, Cabravale and Fairfield.

These include 12 candidates representing The Greens, 12 representing the Unity Party, 13 representing Labor, four representing the Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group), 33 running as independents and 13 others who didn't list a party.

There will also be seven mayoral candidates, including the mayor Frank Carbone (Labor) and, for the first time, The Greens' Bill Cashman.

In a shock move in the lead-up to the election the NSW Liberal Party decided to not endorse any candidate.

This has forced current Liberal councillors Joe Molluso and Zaya Toma to run under independent banners.

The Greens mayoral candidate Bill Cashman said he was confident that his party would fare well.

"Last time when we ran in Parks Ward we had a nine per cent base vote and the support for the party in general has grown, so we hope to be able to lift that," he said.

"If things go well, we will be able to gain at least one spot in one of the wards. We're hopeful."

Councillor Carbone was a little more reserved.

"I'm not going to make any predictions," he said. "It's the people's choice and whatever decision they make is the right one. I stand by what I've delivered in the last 150 days as mayor and people can judge me on that".


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