MTB Series: Mayor Mathew Dickerson injured in cycling crash | Photos

Dubbo mayor Mathew Dickerson spent Monday in Liverpool Hospital with fractured vertebrae after crashing his bike in the Evocities MTB Series race in Sydney at the weekend.

Cr Dickerson was travelling at about 40 kilometres-per-hour downhill, trying to keep up with the younger riders in a "lumpy, bumpy area" when he fell off the bike.

Despite not initially thinking the injury was serious, Cr Dickerson was left with three fractured vertebrae- his C5, C6 and T9- a slightly strained AC joint in his shoulder and four stitches in his right ear.

"I don't remember exactly how I landed, it all happened a bit fast. My right side and my right leg seem fine so I must have hit on my shoulder and head," he said.

Cr Dickerson said his helmet was completely destroyed and it was the plastic from it that split his ear.

However, when it first occured, Cr Dickerson said he was going to get up and continue with the race.

"I just got winded, I couldn't breathe properly. It was really the other person there who pulled up behind me that said 'take it easy'.

"The ambulance staff members were amazed that it was a fractured spine. They said I was in too high spirits and not enough pain for it to be that serious but they followed precautions."

Cr Dickerson said he was able to get out of bed and walk around but he was required to wear a neck brace for the immediate future.

While he is recovering, Cr Dickerson said he would still be performing some of his mayoral duties but said he would be talking to deputy mayor Ben Shields about the things he couldn't do.

"We're going to have a discussion about that. I'm not sure how good the photos would look with me having a neck brace on but I'm not totally out of action."

Despite the accident, Cr Dickerson said the Wylde Western Sydney seven-hour leg of the series was still a huge success.

He said there were more than 200 people who participated in the event and there was a lot of discusion promoting Evocities.

While it has been recommended by his doctor that he retires from mountain biking, Cr Dickerson said he would see what he was told down the track.

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