Reader of the Week: Kim Gould

The Sun's Reader of the Week is Kim Gould, a teacher at Oatlands public school.

1. Three people I would love to invite to dinner: Aziz Ansari, Oprah Winfrey and Sia.

2. The best advice I ever received was: It is what it is.

3. The most amazing thing I’ve ever done is: I don't really feel justified saying that I've done anything amazing yet. I hope I do one day!

4. If I was down to my last $10 I would spend it on: Coffee and maybe some stickers for work.

5. My greatest fear is: not making a difference.

6. My fantasy job is: Teaching! Failing that, a fairy princess.

7. If I could have a super power it would be: I would love to be able to read people's minds.

8. My favourite phrase is... namaste

9. My hidden talent is: I can do a back bend walk. It's sort of like being a spider.

10. If I could travel back in time, I would love to see/meet: Robert Browning from the Victorian period. I kind of think he is a genius.

11. The one thing I will never throw out: My grandfather was an artist and he helped me make a pottery castle in his kiln when I was a little girl. It's always been very special to me.

12. True love is... all that really matters.

13. My last meal would be: my dad's pumpkin soup.

14. My first car was: yellow.

15. I’m always being asked: for directions. I don't know why though. I am terrible with directions!

16. My most embarrassing moment was... I'm constantly doing embarrassing things.

17. What people may not know about me is: I'm pretty much an open book.

18: Wierdest thing in my glovebox: I don't have a glovebox.

19. My biggest fashion faux pas was: I was obsessed with body glitter in my teens.

20. I wish I hadn’t: stressed out so much in high school and uni. It seems a bit silly in retrospect.

21. My earliest memory is: the ugly red carpet in my first home.

22. On my bedside table is: perfume, a book, my iPhone and some lipgloss. All the essentials obviously.

23. People say I look like: I'm tired.

24. A movie I think everyone should see: The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Is that cheating?

25. In the future... I hope there is world peace!

26. Favourite book as a child: Deenie by Judy Blume.

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