Experience a day on the farm

Calmsley Hill City Farm
Calmsley Hill City Farm

CALMSLEY Hill City Farm is a great place for families to enjoy a day in the country without having to travel far to get there.

The farm, in Abbotsbury, has rural-inspired shows and exhibits including native and farmyard animals.

Visitors can take a picnic lunch, cook on the barbecues or buy food at the Farmhouse Kiosk.

Kids can be a farmer for the day, learn how to milk a cow, feed animals in the farmyard nursery and take part in displays, including the working dog show, koala talk, sheep shearing and stockwhip show.

Families can also walk through the permaculture garden and wallaby and kangaroo enclosure.

Tractor rides are also available for $3.

The site was originally home to the people of the Dharruk tribe, but in 1806 was granted to John Jamieson, a Scottish immigrant.

He named the property Coulmesly Hill, but the spelling was later changed to Calmsley Hill.

Fairfield Council leased the property in 1984 and named it Fairfield City Farm.

Western Sydney Parkleands Trust took over the lease in 2009 and returned the site to its original name.

Details: 31 Darling St Abbotsbury, 9823 3222.