'Bring your own' policy is popular

The new age: Year 7 students at work, making use of their own portable devices.
The new age: Year 7 students at work, making use of their own portable devices.

BONNYRIGG High School has truly joined age of technology, implementing a "bring your own device" policy that allows mobile and tablet use in the classroom.

Under the policy, students are able to bring their own devices — laptop, tablet or phone — to enable quick and easy access to the internet.

Having the right to a device during classroom time gives students the chance to enjoy a productive and innovative learning experience.

The state Department of Education and Communities supports the policy, which was brought into place at the start of the school year.

Students from years 7 to 10 made quick use of their own devices for research purposes.

"It's a lot easier having my device in class," said year 8 student Jayden Luong.

"I can easily jot down notes, and when it comes to research tasks it means I get a bit of an advantage compared to the other kids who don't bring their own device."

Many teachers have said they are happy to be a part of this program, and hope to see many more students with their own devices over the next couple of years.

Deputy principal Kim Allford said the policy "allows our students to be engaged in 21st century learning, which is a focus for Bonnyrigg High School".

In order for a student to access the school's internet, a student contract must be read, signed and returned to the school to ensure direct access.

As part of the contract, students must confirm that their device meets all requirements, including durability and wireless connectivity.

For more information about the policy visit the school's website: bonnyrigg-h.schools.nsw.edu.au.