Sign of the times

Bonnyrigg High School

Bonnyrigg High School

AMONG the many changes, upgrades and additions to Bonnyrigg High School over the past year perhaps the most noticeable is the new LED board which faces Cabramatta Road.

The new electronic sign offers many advantages compared to its low-tech predecessor.

The sign is complete with 4G technology, enabling users to put up messages from any device.

It is not limited to just messages either. It has the ability to play a slideshow with a number of messages and pictures set to display as the user desires.

It is visually appealing, as well as being safer and more versatile than the old board display.

The LED board will be used to promote all school events including congratulatory messages to students who have recorded noteworthy achievements.

"It makes the school notices more visual and positive to the community," said principal Michael Bryce.

"Also, the main reason we did it was because it was a Bonnyrigg High School SRC initiative for close to two years."