Quality meat and top service

Canley Heights Butchery Deli
Canley Heights Butchery Deli

CANLEY Heights Butchery Deli provides fresh, quality meat and friendly customer service.

The new business is owned by Huyen Nguyen and her husband.

"We have a range of beef, lamb, duck, chicken, goat, venison, veal, kangaroo and more," she said. "We are also a meat supplier for many restaurants here in Canley Heights."

Mrs Nguyen said they prided themselves on providing quality service and products.

"Customers come back to us because they are happy with the service, product and price," she said.

"We have a friendly environment, so customers can ask us for advice on how to cook meat, or what meat to use for recipes or about meat their children will like."

Ms Nguyen also said their pork and beef products were very popular.

"We have some specials in store," she said.

"We like to see the happy customers come back to our store, and we like the family environment."

As Fairfield City Small Business Award finalists this year, Mrs Nguyen said they would continue to make their business a great place to shop.

"We will try our best to make the business better and better day by day," she said.

"We would just like to say thank you to our customers for all of their support."

Details: 9723 8588, shop 3, 202 Canley Vale Road, Canley Heights.