Shots fired into Bossley Park houses

POLICE are calling for public help after two shootings at Bossley Park on Saturday.

Just after 1am police were called to Gallipoli Street after shots were fired into a front bedroom window of a house. There was no-one inside the house at the time of the shooting and no-one was injured.

About 2.40am, a number of shots were fired into a house on Sartor Crescent.

A family was at home but no-one was injured.

Fairfield police established crime scenes at both addresses.

Forensic officers have been gathering evidence.

Officers attached to Operation Talon were notified and are now assisting with the investigation to see if the incidents are linked.

Operation Talon was formed in August to combat public place shootings in Sydney.

Anyone with information about the shootings is urged to call 1800 802 980.