'Phenomenal' party launches clinic

Proud community: Nabil Matti, Guy Zangary and Vince Movizio.
Proud community: Nabil Matti, Guy Zangary and Vince Movizio.

SMILES Unlimited celebrated its grand opening on May 1 with a night to remember.

Fairfield City Chamber of Commerce president Vince Movizio helped to organise the event.

"It was a phenomenal evening," he said.

"It took us by surprise how the community responded, they were extremely supportive.

"Support from within our medical community was also very amazing.

"We had councillors, the mayor, deputy mayor, MPs and a lot of other support come along."

Mr Movizio said it was nice to see the services offered by the dental clinic.

"It's an exciting thing to see these range of services provided by a local," he said.

"Gone are the days of dreading going to the dentist.

"The atmosphere is great, the rooms are clean and crisp, the clinic has a great look."

Mr Movizio said the Fairfield city business community was flourishing.

"We've had our ups and downs, and a lot of people are interested in why Fairfield keeps getting better," he said.

"Businesses like Nabil Matti's have raised the standard and revitalised the place.

"Businesses are beginning to take more pride in the community."