We have a big fat problem

Good-food warrior: Jamie Oliver.Picture: Richard Vines

Good-food warrior: Jamie Oliver.Picture: Richard Vines

STOCKLAND Wetherill Park wants local kids to get excited about cooking and eating fresh, healthy food.

To mark Food Revolution Day, the centre will host a day of cooking activities on Friday, May 16.

From 9am, it will broadcast a Jamie Oliver cooking class and run hourly cooking classes to count towards a Guinness World Records attempt for the most participants in a cookery lesson in 24 hours.

With more than 40 million children worldwide now overweight or obese by age 5 (WHO figures from March last year) Mr Oliver says it is now the duty of governments, businesses, schools and parents to work together to help reverse the preventable situation.

"Everyone knows over the last few years I've been passionate about getting kids and young people taught to cook, whether in schools or at home," he said.

"I believe we all now have a duty to teach children to understand what food does to their bodies if we're going to make any progress in tackling obesity and diet-related disease — and that means governments, businesses, everyone.

"Now's the time to focus the energies of everyone involved in Food Revolution Day on teaching kids and keeping cooking skills alive at a time when we need them more than ever."

He said getting children cooking at an early age helped them develop an essential life skill which would have a positive impact on their future health and wellbeing.

Food Revolution Day was first held in 2012.

Last year, due to a growing number of supporters and ambassadors, more than 1200 events were hosted in 74 countries. It is a joint campaign organised by the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation in England and the United States as well as the Food Foundation in Australia.

Later this year Jamie's Ministry of Food will open its first NSW kitchen at Stockland Wetherill Park as part of the $222 million Stockland expansion.

To sign up to be part of the Food Revolution Day Guinness World Records' attempt at Stockland Wetherill Park visit the customer care desk at the centre or call 9609 7766.

Details: foodrevolutionday.com.


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