Subtle tastes of Vietnam

Huong Xua
Huong Xua

WITH a great love of food and hoping to share his culinary experience, James Tran followed in his father's footsteps and opened his Huong Xua Vietnamese Restaurant in Canley Heights in 2013.

Mr Tran said the name Huong Xua meant reminiscing about the taste from the past.

"With technology and science these days the flavours and taste of many foods have been lost, my father explains," he said.

Northern Vietnamese cuisine is admired for its fresh ingredients, minimal use of oils and heavy reliance on herbs and vegetables, Mr Tran said.

"Vietnamese food in general is commonly ranked one of the healthiest foods in the world," he said.

"In Northern Vietnam the cold climate limits the production and availability of spices so Northern Vietnamese cuisine tends to be less spicier than food of other regions. Most foods feature light and balanced flavours that result from subtle combinations of many different flavouring ingredients."

Huong Xua restaurant's signature dishes include pho, bun rieu and bun nem.

"We are famous for our organic chicken rice noodle (pho ga), it's no wonder our customers recognise the tastier flavours in the meat and soup," Mr Tran said. "We are also renowned for our deep-fried spring rolls. "I'm so confident you'll like them that I guarantee if you try them and you don't like them I'll even give you back your money."

There is also the Huong Xua challenge, which is a sumo-size bowl of beef noodles,with half a kilo of meat, half a kilo of noodles and half a litre of soup.

"If you finish it, soup and all, under 11 minutes, your meal is free and . . . you can also take the bowl home as your trophy."

Details: 8764 4117 or visit Facebook. Shop 4, 219 Canley Vale Road.