Phone scammers alert

THE Fairfield-Cabramatta community is being warned of scammers claiming to represent "injury Australia group" and NRMA Insurance, in a bid to gain personal details.

NSW Fair Trading Minister Stuart Ayres said when the scammers call, they claim someone at the address has been involved in an accident in the past three years and the person is entitled to compensation of thousands of dollars.

However, the caller claims they need to confirm personal details for a database before completing the transaction.

Mr Ayres said the scams were designed to harvest personal information that could be used to defraud the victim.

"To avoid identity theft, never give out your personal or bank account details to somebody you don't know or trust and never send your credit card or bank details in response to unsolicited approaches on the phone, via emails or text," he said.

"If you receive a phone call that you think may be genuine, you should not ignore the possibility that there actually has been some fraud with your bank account or credit card.

"Ask the caller for details then hang up and call your bank or credit union to tell them what has happened."

NRMA Motoring and Services president Wendy Machin, a recent recipient of a scam call, said the caller alleged a connection to the Motor Accidents Authority and offered to help her get compensation.

"The caller who contacted me was pushy and sounded quite authoritative, as if they already knew a bit about my history," she said.

She said people needed to be wary of cold calls.

For more information on scams or for advice, call Fair Trading on 13 32 20.


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