Merrylands truckie with modified speed limiter

Police working as part of Operation Highway 31, stopped a truck with an alleged modified speed limiter in Little Billabong, this morning.

About 7:20am, Traffic and Highway Patrol Officers attached to Holbrook intercepted a semi-trailer on the Hume Highway travelling allegedly at 112kph. 

The driver, a 37-year-old Merrylands man, was spoken to by the police. When asked he produced his work diary which was found to have not been filled out to the appropriate standard. 

Officers then conducted a download of the trucks engine control module, which was found to have allegedly been modified to allow speeds over 100kph. 

Officers defected the truck and issued a speed limiter compliance notice, as well as traffic infringements to the driver for having a non-compliant speed limiter, exceeding the speed limit, and work diary offences. 

Traffic and Highway Patrol Command’s, acting assistant commissioner Stuart Smith, said the Joint Heavy Vehicle Taskforce will now examine the company’s fleet to determine whether or not speeding is a large scale issue.

"We must respond to such speeding events quickly to prevent a re-occurrence.

"We will work with the Roads and Maritime Service to investigate the company involved for the benefit of not only compliance across the industry, but for Road Safety across NSW.

"Those companies involved in speed tampering will be identified and prosecuted by the Joint Heavy Vehicle Taskforce,” Acting Assistant Commissioner Smith said.

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