Dumping crackdown

Fairfield Council is cracking down on illegally dumped waste to reduce the removal costs to ratepayers. Dumping waste costs ratepayers $1 million a year in removal and investigation fees.

There are three ways to remove waste legally in Fairfield:

■ Two annual clean-up and hard rubbish removal days council provides.

■ Council's Recycling Drop-Off Centre located on the corner of Davies and Widemere Road, Wetherill Park.

The centre accepts waste drop-offs each Saturday for garden waste. Items that can be mulched may be dropped off free of charge. Fees apply for garden material brought to the centre that cannot be mulched, such as lawn clippings, weeds, palm fronds and succulents.

Mulch is also available free of charge for residents to pick up from the centre.

■ Council's Sustainable Resource Centre at the corner of Hassall Street and Widemere Road, Wetherill Park, accepts commercial quantities of materials such as terracotta roof tiles, pavers, brick, concrete and asphalt that can be left. Fees may vary.

To report incidences of illegal rubbish dumping in Fairfield contact the council on 9725 0222.

In other news:

Creative grants

The application period for Social Change Through Creativity grants closes on April 7. Grants for Social Change Through Creativity allow community groups and organisations to use a creative medium to explore issues of local importance.

For more information or to apply for a grant, visit fairfieldcity.nsw.gov.au.