We want Jamie Oliver! 

11am: Parramatta MP Geoff Lee said the Ministry of Food pop up kitchen would be a wonderful asset to the suburb. 

"Parramatta is such a cosmopolitan city," Mr Lee said. 

"So many people work and live here and I think it would make a great addition to the night life. 

"What a wonderful asset this would be."

Monday, 8am: Forgot to eat breakfast. 

Banana bread and coffee will suffice. 

Friday, 1pm: Living off spaghetti bowl for lunch/dinner. 

Thursday, noon: White bread with chicken and lettuce for lunch/dinner.  Chocolate milk completed the meal.

Wednesday, 2pm: An online petition to bring celebrity chef Jamie Oliver to Parramatta has been launched by lord mayor John Chedid.

Cr Chedid has called on residents, workers and businesses to sign the petition to push Parramatta as an option for the first Australian Ministry of Food pop up kitchen.

“It would also fit with our Healthy Generations program, which encourages residents and workers of all ages and fitness levels to commit to a healthy lifestyle,” he said    

 "Parramatta is home to a diverse and growing population and we want to educate the community about the importance of healthy habits and encourage people to cook healthy and embrace the rich diversity of cuisines in Parramatta.

We want Jamie Oliver to come to Parramatta.

We want Jamie Oliver to come to Parramatta.

 "We’ve made it easy for the community to get behind the quest to bring Jamie to Parramatta – there’s an online petition where people can sign their name.

 "We’ll also be roaming the streets of Parramatta to film anyone interested in making their support vocal, which will then be uploaded to Youtube.

"The more support we can get from the community, the more likely our City will be a preferred location of choice.

 "Changes in family life and the convenience of junk food have led to people losing touch with cooking, which is vital for a healthy lifestyle."

Council staff will also roam the streets of Parramatta to film anyone interested in supporting the Jamie Oliver campaign by being part of YouTube videos promoting it.

So far 104 people have signed the petition. 

Help bring Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food Kitchen to Parramatta today by signing your name here parracity.nsw.gov.au/jamieskitchen

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