Crime figures are down

FRAUD, vandalism and break and enter offences were rated Fairfield's most common crimes last year.

A recent NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research report has found that while these offences were the most common, there had been a decrease in overall crime figures since the last report in 2012.

Fraud offences remained the highest with 1160 offences in 2012 and 1435 in 2013.

Vandalism was rated second highest with figures decreasing from 1417 to 1377, break and enters were ranked third highest with crime rates also decreasing from 1203 to 1184.

Fairfield crime manager, Detective Inspector Martin Hayston, said fraud was a state-wide concern, especially in regards to petrol theft.

"A large majority of offences were when people failed to pay for petrol," he said.

"The more sophisticated petrol thieves use stolen number plates to avoid detection, however, we continue to work closely with local petrol stations.

"Another risk is cyber fraud, we encourage the community to be extremely careful with their personal information particularly with unsolicited emails and when buying and selling goods online."

Detective Inspector Hayston said the decrease in crime rates was a result of police conducting targeted operations.

"We have had outstanding results and have had a significant reduction in break and enter offences," he said. "Police target not only criminals who commit these crimes but also areas where these crimes are most prevalent."