Jasmine Rae: Smoking hot launch

Dynamic, exuberant, rock-solid, smoking hot ... all valid descriptors of Australian country singer-songwriter Jasmine Rae's triumphant album launch at Rooty Hill RSL Club last night [Saturday, August 3].

Throughout the course of a set which included eight tracks from her fresh new release, If I Want To, Jasmine showed why she walks the big stages.

Put plainly, she is blessed with a vocal power and stature that simply monsters her petite frame. She hits the highs, the lows and all in between and it’s a treat to behold.

Now, three albums into her career, you get the feeling Jasmine is really about to soar, higher perhaps than even she may fully perceive.

Despite only being one show in to the album's touring phase it's quite plain to see the addition of the new material makes for a far more well-rounded live set.

Tracks like the up tempo Lazy Boy and My Daddy's Name are perfect compliments to existing favourites Pink Guitar and Look It Up, while I'm Your Girl and Just Don't Ask Me How I Am offer another dimension to the package.

Jasmine started the launch with new song Bad Boys Get Me Good, which on the album includes backing vocals from American songstress Kellie Pickler. While it would have been great to see her alongside, the extra vocal wasn't missed.

From there is was a mix of old and new; Pink Guitar followed by I'm Your Girl, The Red Dress preceding new Troy Kemp [McAlister Kemp] cowrite One Guy One Girl, and Look It Up leading in to Why'd You Tie The Knot.

The standard set concluded with renditions of the Rolling Stones classic, Honky Tonk Women, followed by fan favourite, Hunky Country Boys.

A two song encore followed starting with a spine-tingling take on the Patty Griffin-penned Top Of The World [made famous of course by the Dixie Chicks]. Ironically, the last song of the evening was the new album's title track and lead single, If I Want To.

It was no surprise to see a healthy line of punters queuing to meet Jasmine at the merchandise table well before the end of the final cut - it's the sort of thing you expect from folks when they witness a star in the spotlight.

Like them, I can't wait for my next chance to see her again.

Special mention must be made of opening act Buddy Goode, Jasmine’s ARIA award winning label mate.

He served as the perfect crowd rouser, delivering much mirth via songs including Cougarville, She Blows Upon Me Flute, You Ain’t Mine and Too Soon.

In fact, so well received was Buddy, that a collective ‘’awwwww’’ was heard from the crowd as he left the stage.