High moments with all those lively hits

SINCE winning Australian Idol in 2006, Damien Leith has released six albums.

In his latest show, Leith will sing songs from his past albums at Wenty Leagues Club on Saturday.

"I've done an album a year over the last six years and a lot of songs have been recorded and quite often we go on tour and just tour those songs off that album," Leith said.

"This time around we have decided to play those key songs off those albums and the key moments.

"It will definitely have those high moments of lively music and those intimate moments with those kind of key ballads like Hallelujah and Crying."

Last year Leith released his sixth album Now & Then which consists of original songs and covers from each of The Traveling Wilburys.

In the album, Leith decided to continue his tribute to the legendary rock'n'roll singer, Roy Orbison.

Leith paid tribute to The Big O in his fifth album, Roy: A Tribute To Roy Orbison.

"I wanted to build a bridge between the Roy Orbison album that I had just done before," Leith said.

"Roy was in The Traveling Wilburys, and I just felt that it was the right move to move on from Roy Orbison and slowly introducing my own stuff."

Leith said the hardest part about making Now & Then was selecting original works to feature alongside the covers of The Traveling Wilburys.

"We had to match songs up with the sound of The Travelling Wilburys," he said.

"The Travelling Wilbury songs have an era to them and they are kind of acoustic, so the overall album sound has that overall acoustic sound."

While touring the country with his highly successful Roy Orbison tribute show, Leith managed to write songs for his next album.

"The best part about this new album is that it's all original," Leith said.

"I've just finished all the pre-production work and have a feeling of how it all sounds and what songs are strong."

Leith will release the album later this year.

Tickets: $40.

■ Details: wentyleagues.com.au.

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