Slow speed bugs NBN clients

Source: The Examiner

National Broadband Network customers with slow internet speeds are complaining about a lack of answers from NBN Co and service providers.

And Northern Tasmanians who were supposed to have a service by now cannot get a date for connection.

The NBN, an Australia-wide high-speed broadband service, has been connected at George Town, Deloraine, Scottsdale and St Helens and customers have complained in most areas.

Most say they have paid for a speed that is not being delivered. 

One customer said he was paying for 100 megabytes a second in speed, but was getting less than half that. 

Another customer said her VoIP (internet-based phone service) was full of static and had low volume, while another said he was getting free internet because his retail service provider could not deliver the promised services and had agreed to waive charges until that happened.

NBN Co is the wholesale provider of internet services and several companies, called retail service providers, connect the service and charge the customer.

The biggest service provider - Telstra - and the NBN Co both said yesterday that they had no knowledge of the complaints.

Telstra's Tasmanian general manager Michael Patterson  said he was not aware of the issues but would respond to complaints.

An NBN spokeswoman said she was also not aware of any network issues that could be leading to slow speeds, and customers should talk to their provider.

The spokeswoman could not give a date for the NBN arriving in Launceston, despite the NBN estimating on its website that the NBN would be delivered by last month.

Digital Tasmania spokesman Andrew Connor said the group strongly supported the NBN but the state was paying the price of going first, with teething problems.

Mr Connor said the only way to get complaints fixed was to be persistent.

He said upset customers should talk to their retail service provider first, and then the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman by calling 1800 062 058.