Songs of love, life and hope

Rachel Collis - singer songwriter performing at riverside theatres on feb 1.
Rachel Collis - singer songwriter performing at riverside theatres on feb 1.

MARRIAGE does not always have a fairytale ending.

Singer/songwriter Rachel Collis will explore the many contradictions of love, life and hope, backed by a five-piece band during her album debut, Ever After, at Riverside Theatres on Friday, February 1. Collis said her songs are based on cautionary tales and happy endings.

"Ever After is the title of one of the songs in the album and that particular song is a joke about a young couple that get pregnant and end up having a shotgun wedding and it ends up being a terrible beginning," she said.

"But they live happily ever after.

"The line of the story began only with ever after and not happily ever after and I thought that was a good title because a lot of the songs are based on my own experience of marriage which has been very good but it has not been the fairytale that I had thought or dreamed of as a young person."

Collis had not always been confident about pursuing a career in the music industry. Before she decided to become a full-time song maker, she was a school teacher.

"As a kid I learnt piano first of all and learnt classical music, playing for many years," Collis said. "As a teenager I really fell in love with singer/songwriters and I really fell for the songs that were honest.

"I then started song writing but that was pushed aside and I kept piano and singing training. Then when I finished school I went into a teaching degree and I didn't think music was really a good option. I didn't really feel confident with heading in that direction and I ended up studying linguistics in German.

"I taught German for six years until I got to a certain stage and decided that I had to take up music."

Last year Collis took to the stage for the first time and she performed a one-woman cabaret show which she had written herself.

"My best friend turned my songs into this cabaret show called The Art of Letting Go and some off the show were used in my album [Ever After]," Collis said. " I did a couple of seasons of that show at Riverside and the Fringe Festival and I am about to do that show at the Adelaide Fringe Festival in February-March."

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