Robert Connolly's favourite TV show

Robert Connolly is the director of the Australian feature films The Bank, Three Dollars and Balibo. He also worked on the ABC's critically acclaimed drama series The Slap and recently directed the telemovie Underground: The Julian Assange Story, which aired on Channel Ten in October.

Favourite TV series:Homeland

What is your favourite episode?

Finale, season one. Edge-of-the-seat ride.

Who is your favourite character?

Carrie, played by Claire Danes. I love stories that explore the personal cost of genius.

Which character would you most like to be?

That's tricky. A genius counter intelligence expert on anti-psychotic medication or a conflicted terrorist? Pass!

Who delivers the best performance?

Hard to split between Claire Danes and Damian Lewis.

What is the best thing about the show?

Thriller elements, a real edge-of-the-seat ride and the wonderfully original character of Carrie Mathison. We haven't seen her before on TV.

What initially drew you to the show?

Word of mouth out of the US. I love political thrillers, so it was immediately on the radar.

What shows would you compare it to?

Nothing directly. Some of my favourite television shows are political thrillers (Edge of Darkness, State of Play). They are short run miniseries. The exciting thing about Homeland is that its an ongoing series.

• Underground: The Julian Assange Story is now available on DVD

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