Sydney's new power couple: McNaught to marry British rapper

She is a model, actress, presenter and once represented Australia in the Miss Universe contest. He is a multi-millionaire British rapper who has sold out more shows in the UK than Robbie Williams recently. The pair met just a year ago and are now set to tie the knot and perhaps become Sydney's latest power couple.

Sparks flew for 30-year-old Elliot Gleave, known as Example, when Erin McNaught, also 30, interviewed him last year.

"We just flirted throughout the whole interview," he says.

"I think the reason why Erin suits me so well is because she kind of gets me and she's very confident and very, very intelligent, and that excites me. I admire her. She's been very successful in her own right, and built up a career for herself. She is famous in Australia, I'm famous in the UK, so it was kind of a challenge for me."

Whether their union pleases both sets of fans remains to be seen. Gleave wrote on Twitter that since his engagement to Erin, his album, The Evolution of Man, started to drop on the iTunes chart. The album currently sits at number 13 in the UK Albums chart and his first single from that, Say Nothing went straight in at number 2.

Rumours surrounding their engagement started when Erin was spotted wearing a sparkler around Sydney.

"I proposed to her in the traditional way," Gleave says. "I've only been with her a year - but when you know, you know. It was Halloween. I didn't plan on it being Halloween, it's just I couldn't wait any longer. There happened to be some fireworks going off luckily at the time. I think she was just a bit annoyed because she had just finished doing her make-up and she started crying and her make-up went all down her face."

"When we announced our engagement officially, Erin gained 2000 more followers in a couple of hours on Twitter, so she was quite happy!".

But Gleave did say there was a downside to the social media site.

"I've been sent death threats on Twitter. People have said they are going to come to my gig and set fire to me. Bizarre. I don't know what kind of people these are. Sad and lonely?"

Gleave has over 1.5 million followers on Twitter and has had his fair share of abuse.

"I feel if someone wants to be critical towards my music, then that's fine, because everyone has different opinions and music is a subjective thing in terms of your taste, but when people want to attack your personal life, or your image or the way you look, that's just bullying. It doesn't really get me down but I think there does need to be some sort of clamp down on it. It's like hate mail. If you sent someone death threats in the post, you would be taken to court.

"I suppose it's part and parcel of being in the public eye, you've got to accept some flack and backlash but I don't know how you stop people from speaking their mind on Twitter."

No wedding date has been set, the couple are set to enjoy their engagement over in the UK. The pair partied at the ARIA awards on Thursday night where Example presented an award.

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