Reduce clutter in wardrobe

If you struggle to find one decent outfit in a jungle of clothes than you could have a problem—both physically and mentally.

Picture of stylist Wendy Mak.

Picture of stylist Wendy Mak.

Fashion stylist Wendy Mak has written a book, The Terrific Thirty, aimed at fixing unorganised and cluttered wardrobes.

Ms Mak said the book was written to show women how to reduce their wardrobe clutter as well as rid their wardrobe woes.

The book also uncovers how women can live off a staple of 30 items spanning from apparel, shoes and bags.

“It’s about reducing sections in your wardrobe so you can reduce mind clutter,’’Ms Mak said.

‘‘For some, when they go into their wardrobe to search for an item of clothing and they feel they have nothing to wear, it causes angst.

‘‘Reducing clutter helps to reduce mind clutter or angst.

‘‘It also stops you from spending too much time in the wardrobe trying to search for an outfit.”

Ms Mak runs a professional styling agency called Smitten With Style.

She said the idea for the book came about after years of working in the fashion industry.

“Personal styling is a common problem,” she said.

“Working as a stylist, I hear the same problems from my clients, such as they have too many clothes yet they don’t know what to wear.

‘‘I wrote the book to teach people how to sharpen their look plus look super stylish.’’

The 30 items can be mixed and matched to create more than 1000 different outfits to suit a number of occasions—from work clothes, weekend wear to dinner parties.

Ms Mak said the book could save you money on future clothing purchases. 

‘‘Economically, consumers purchasing decisions have changed,” she said.

‘‘About five to six years ago, it was easy to buy clothes.

‘‘Today, people are very cautious with their purchases. This book teaches you how to really think about your purchases.

‘‘It will make you question your purchases, like if you actually need to buy that outfit or are you just buying that outfit as an impulse buy.’’ 

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