Police search for cyclist after collision in Mays Hill

Police are appealing for information to locate a cyclist after a collision at Mays Hill earlier this week. 

Police were called to the intersection of Good and Amos Streets, after a collision between a car and a cyclist at about 5.45pm on Tuesday, September 12. 

There was no damage to the car and the cyclist did not appear to be injured.

The driver of the vehicle then tried to prevent the cyclist from leaving the scene.

Police have spoken to a number of witnesses and have also spoken with the driver of the vehicle. 

Police wish to speak to the cyclist as part of their inquiries. He was last seen riding west on Amos Street.

He is described as being of Middle Eastern/Mediterranean appearance and 20 to 25-years-old old.

The man is believed to have black hair, 183 centimetres tall and of medium build. 

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