Made to last, and look fab 

Parramatta designer Delia Puiatti. Picture: Gene Ramirez.
Parramatta designer Delia Puiatti. Picture: Gene Ramirez.

Designer Delia Puiatti’s mantra is ‘everything is useful’.

The vintage designer of independent label Unknown Quantity, whose pieces focus on sustainability and longevity, said she’s inspired by the inherent qualities of objects and finding a use for everything.

‘’[The label] is basically about collecting and sourcing vintage and rare things that are distinctive, unique and inspiring,’’ Delia said.

‘‘A big thing behind the label is to add positivity and meaning to the things I make which then translates into people’s lives.’’

Focusing on apparel and art with a heavy emphasis on repurposing and upcycling vintage components and materials, Delia said the label didn’t follow trends but made collectable pieces that someone could hold on to for 20 years and then pass down.

‘‘Technically [vintage is] anything 20 years and older but to me it’s anything that has some kind of lasting significance,’’ Delia said.

‘‘Anything that has a history … and can be viewed differently through the lens of time.’’

With 10 years of industry experience behind her Delia recently realised one of her ambitions opening The Infinite Everything shop In Parramatta.

The store stocks her independent label along with other designers’ clothing, accessories, artwork and repurposed objects which often incorporate aleatoricism – where chance and random events create part of the overall direction.

She said the store was an experiential space where people could come for meaningful and refreshing encounters.

Delia hopes to expand on the label’s range and establish a presence in different locations and continue hosting workshops focused on art, sustainability, how to shop vintage, and how to modify and upgrade existing belongings.

‘‘My belief is that art is in everything.

‘‘And there is magic in the everyday — it’s just a matter of looking for it.’’

The Infinite Everything: Shop 16,

162-172 Church Street 





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