Keeping watch is everyone’s responsibility

Fairfield-Cabramatta NHW Groups chairman Mike Davis

Fairfield-Cabramatta NHW Groups chairman Mike Davis

Community life over the past decade or more in Fairfield has changed in many ways and for many reasons.

For example, there was a time when children walked to school in large numbers and in my street where I live in Mount Pritchard.

Neighbourhood Watch in that era played an important part in keeping Fairfield streets safe.

If a school child had a problem or was worried about their safety there was always “a friendly Safe House” where they could go and knock on the door, seek assistance.

Circa 2016 and Neighbourhood Watch’s school children watch-over role has changed significantly as the risk factor of children walking to/from school has been eliminated as the majority are driven to schools by parents/guardians.

That does not mean that Neighbourhood Watch is a spent force. I believe it has a different role to play now as a community watchdog for our senior community who, by no fault of their own, are the most vulnerable in our community.

The parent body of Neighbourhood Watch Groups throughout Australia has initiated a “National NHW Week” in October aimed at revitalizing this important local community link with the NSW Police Force.

There is a definite need for Neighbourhood Watch Groups to again “be the eyes and ears of Cabramatta Police, both working for a safer community.” 

A week of activities commencing on October 1 and concluding on October 8 has been organised by the five Neighbourhood Watch Groups in the Fairfield City Council area.

These activities have a distinct focus on community safety and security, not only for Australian-born residents but also for the vast number of residents from a plethora of overseas countries.

It is hoped that the fresh exposure will activate people to join an existing Neighbourhood Watch Group or look at a forming a new group in their Fairfield City Council suburb.

Readers seeking more information about National Neighbourhood Watch Week and wishing to attend the educational seminars and so on should contact the Crime Prevention Officer at Cabramatta (Senior Constable Stevo Jokic, phone 9725 8999); or Fairfield (Senior Constable Matt Green, phone 9728 8399); or Mike Davis

Mike Davis, Chairman 

Fairfield-Cabramatta NHW Groups

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