Youngsters' work on show

WHILE Mozart's classical tunes set the mood during Villawood North Public School's Young Artists' Exhibition, Vivaldi's The Four Seasons concertos would've been a more appropriate choice.

The school hosted the first event of its kind last Wednesday night, celebrating the creativity of pupils from years 3-6.

The exhibition represented each season using mediums like mosaics, charcoal, ceramics and wires.

James O'Brien, 10, and Vivien Nguyen, 12, were among 28 winners.

James won first prize in the year 5-6 category of summer crayon beach towels.

"Originally, I was going to draw shells but they were too hard, so I decided to draw beach umbrellas instead," he said.

"I also used fluorescent colours to make it stand out."

It was James' first art award.

Vivien won third place in the year 6 winter in charcoal category.

"I never really liked art until I found out I won," she said.

Assistant principal Lynette Kinloch said the exhibition gave pupils a chance to explore their creativity.

"We're not only doing this for the kids but we're also doing it for the parents, to encourage them to get involved and to show them what their kids can do," she said.

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