Politics has all the signs of a dirty game

A POLITICAL war has erupted in Fairfield. Candidates have accused each other's camps of breaking into private property overnight and scaling ladders to destroy the sweet-smiling signs of their opponents.

In Fairfield, mayoral candidate Sam Yousif said he'd had more than 200 posters of him destroyed.

His counterpart, Frank Carbone, said his posters had been removed from private property and erected illegally across the electorate.

Mr Yousif said he had seen a photo of an unidentified man taking down his posters. "It's disturbing and it's not the correct way to deal with it," he said. "They're playing dirty — it's a kids' game.

"It's also a waste of money. I'm working really hard to replace those posters. I called the police and showed them the photo of the man. They're looking into it."

Councillor Carbone said while he knew his posters had been put up illegally on council land he had instructed his campaign members to erect them only on residential and private property.

"If there are any posters of mine in inappropriate locations then I'm happy to pull them down," he said.

"But the bigger issue is all the complaints I've received about posters being put up on telegraph poles across Fairfield. It's dangerous because some of them are covering street signs."

He said a street sign on the corner of Edensor and Melbourne roads at St Johns Park had been damaged to make way for posters.

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