School Leaders: Yates Avenue Public School

School leaders: Yates Avenue Public School

Motto: Only the best

1. What is unique about your school?

Yianni Vrionis, C: Great community spirit and beautiful grounds

Jun Kim, VC: Our school is like one family each one of us know everyone else in this school.

Jasmine Lee, C:  My school is unique because we don't have many students but it feels like one big family. All the Yates Ave PS staff knows all the students names and all the students knows staff and other fellows names. Our school is very welcomes for new members to be part of YAPS.

Maha Matar, VC: I believe that Yates Avenue is a very unique school for many positive reasons. The school has a very warm and welcoming teaching environment that suits all students. The students at this school are always happy to wear a smile. The students are always encouraged to participate in many events that are organised by the school. Just to name a few, these include book week, athletics carnival and swimming events.

2. What do you want to do when you leave school?

Yianni Vrionis, C: I haven't thought about it yet but I'm thinking about something that pays well.

Jun Kim, VC: Work hard in high school and achieve my goal.

Jasmine Lee, C:  I would like to study either dentistry or a teacher

Maha Matar, VC:  When I leave school I would really like to go to university to graduate as a forensic scientist. I really love solving problems.

3. Why do you think being a school leader is important?

Yianni Vrionis, C: Because you're setting an example for others and your representing your school

Jun Kim, VC: It can give younger students role models to look up to and its important to be a good role model.

Jasmine Lee, C:  Because being a school leader means you have a humongous responsibility.

Maha Matar, VC: Being a school leader is very important because it teachers you how to be responsible for your actions. It allows you to be humble and listen to your fellow peers. Being a school leader matured me as a students and allowed me to gain leadership qualities which helped me set a great example for Yates Avenue students.

4. If you were the principal what would you introduce?

Yianni Vrionis, C: Probably a fully equipped gymnasium.

Jun Kim, VC: If I was the principal I would introduce to the school that our school can have PSSA back.

Jasmine Lee, C:  If I was the principal I would introduce 3 theme parks (lunar park, went 'n wild and Movie World) and one class gets to go each week.

Maha Matar, VC: If I was the principal I would introduce a big fun park into the school, where students would love to enjoy their breaks. This will potentially encourage all students to go to school and have a great time.

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