Champion Schools: Fond reflections on high school days

Thanks: Cynthia Luong and Jordano Vasquez, with new principal Peter Rouse.

Thanks: Cynthia Luong and Jordano Vasquez, with new principal Peter Rouse.

FORMER Canely Vale High School students, Cynthia Luong and Jordano Vasquez, say they have much to be thankful for when it comes to reflecting on their time walking the corridors.

Cynthia, 19, and Jordano, 20, agree the opportunities they were given during their time at the school, helped to better prepare them for life in the real world.

They say that they were encouraged to extend themselves in a number of areas, including problem solving and critical thinking, leadership and communication, and that these skills had made the transition from high school to university and work a great deal easier.

Both were former members of the school's 'high achievers' group and had access to accelerated learning programs.

Each of the former students fondly recall the dedicated Canley Vale staff who regularly challenged students, by taking them outside of their comfort zones in preparation for future situations.

Jordano said that he had one teacher who was so dedicated that she would regularly stay back and continue teaching until 5pm.

Jordano said that Canley Vale not only encouraged him academically, but also allowed him to explore other interests.

He was a member of the Youth Environmental Committee, something he said gave him the chance to "get his hands dirty" while doing his bit for the surrounding environment.

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