You won't believe what they ask in interviews

Can you name the seven dwarfs from Snow White? What fruit best describes you?

These are just two of the bizarre questions being asked of job-seekers by potential employers, a survey by online jobs platform OneShift indicates.

Increasingly, companies are adopting Google's corporate strategy of gauging a candidate's thinking style by asking brainteaser questions or questions that are aimed at determining the job-seeker's personality.

Some survey respondents had been asked left-field questions like "name the dwarfs from Disney's Snow White" and "are there wolves in Australia" alongside some equally oddball posers such as whether they would wear a sombrero at the airport so company guests could easily identify them.

OneShift chief executive Gen George said in most cases the process of getting to the answer was more important than the actual answer.

"Many employers are using these oddball questions to suss out if the candidate is quick on their feet," he said.

"They're looking to get a feel for analytical thinking skills, how you respond under pressure, and what your general view of the world is.

"The trick with dealing with such questions is to take your time.

"The interviewer doesn't expect you to have the answer at your fingertips.

"Staying calm and attempting to explain the steps you're taking to solve the question will impress the interviewer.

"Ultimately, it's your acceptance and willingness to tackle the unusual question that will be looked upon favourably by the employer, regardless of the answer you give."

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