Danger USB

FAIR Trading Commissioner Rod Stowe has warned people about risking death from using non-compliant USB chargers.

This follows the recent death of a person using an unapproved charger.

Mr Stowe said Fair Trading investigators had recently removed some non-compliant USB chargers from sale at a shop in western Sydney.

They had no insulation on pins or approval marks.

‘‘These devices pose a serious risk of electrocution or fire,’’ Mr Stowe said.

He also said prosecution for selling an unauthorised charger was possible, with penalties of two years’ jail or fines of up to $87,000 for individuals and $875,000 for a company.

Mr Stowe said unapproved devices did not meet Australian standard safety requirements and were often made of inferior plastics and other insulation materials.

‘‘Do not purchase or use an electrical product that does not carry a recognised safety approval mark or insulation on the pins of the plug,’’ Mr Stowe said.

‘‘Consumers in possession of unapproved and non-compliant USB style chargers, typically used to charge phones and tablets, should bend the pins on the chargers and dispose of them immediately.’’

Anyone with information about the purchase of any unapproved and non-compliant electrical or gas products should contact Fair Trading on 13 32 20.

For full details or to download further information on electrical products and equipment go to the Fair Trading website at fairtrading.nsw.gov.au

This story Danger USB first appeared on Parramatta Sun.