On the Stage in Parramatta

What not to miss at Riverside Theatres:

First Dog on the Moon, aka cartoonist Andrew Marlton, is at Riverside Theatres in May.

First Dog on the Moon, aka cartoonist Andrew Marlton, is at Riverside Theatres in May.

Theatre:Parramatta Girls on May 3 to 17

A vibrant, confronting play based on the true stories of eight former inmates of the Parramatta Girls' Detention Centre. Playwright Alana Valentine explores their defiance, endurance and psychological pain.

Tickets are $43.

Theatre:It's Dark Outside on May 26 to 29.

An old man with dementia wanders into the wild, while a mysterious tracker is hell-bent on hunting him down. Puppetry, digital animation and live performance bring Perth Theatre company's poetic play to life.

Tickets are $43.

Special event:Cartoobs and Other Typos on May 15 and 17.

A funny, whimsical stage show by Walkley-winning political cartoonist Andrew Marlton, whose pen name is First Dog on the Moon. He talks satire and what it means to battle a daily deadline.

Tickets are $12.

Theatre:The Deep on May 10 and 12.

A colourful puppet show adapted from Tim Winton's picture book about a girl afraid of what is in the ocean until she befriends dolphins. Recommended for children aged four and older.

Tickets are $15.

 Music:Riley Lee on May 4.

Japanese flute master Riley Lee provides a live soundtrack to heart-warming silent film Tokyo Chorus, about a man facing unemployment after standing up for an older colleague. Tickets are $30.

Screen:Marco Spada on May 11 and 14.

A fresh and joyful Bolshoi Ballet about the intrigue surrounding an Italian thief, a prince and a governor's daughter.

Tickets are $25.

Details: riversideparramatta.com.au.

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