New arrest over Merrylands double shooting

A second man has been arrested over a double shooting in Merrylands last week.

Two men now remain on the run after shooting a 19-year-old who was picking up a mobile phone advertised online and a 62-year-old who confronted them.

Rynal Nand, 19, and his two friends were ambushed by four men when they drove to Landsdowne Street to get the phone about 10.50pm on Wednesday.

The group of men flagged the teens down, climbed in the car, robbed them and then shot Mr Nand in his stomach, chest and arm.

The teens managed to flee and drove to a nearby petrol station on Woodville Road where they called police.

A resident, Graham Hunt, who heard the incident and went outside to confront the offenders was then shot in the chest.

A neighbour, who asked not to be named, said he found Mr Hunt lying on the ground bleeding.

‘‘I heard four to five gunshot and the last gunshot sounded right like under my window. I heard a car take off towards Woodville Road. I ran outside, I looked left and right and I saw nothing, I looked in front me and I see my neighbour lying on the floor,’’ the man said.

‘‘I looked at his chest, upper right torso, I seen blood and his shirt was ripped. I lifted up his shirt, I checked and I seen a bullet hole.’

‘‘He’s a top bloke, a top genuine bloke helping with he community, never had a problem with him, really lovely and humble person.’’

Rosehill police Superintendent Scott Whyte said the two men were ‘‘innocent victims’’ and this was the first incident he was aware of armed robbers targeting people collecting online purchases. 

It is understood the mobile phone had been advertised for sale on the online classified site Gumtree.

‘‘I would treat every incident on an individual basis. I would be sensible and cautious about people that wanted to conduct transactions in the late and early hours of the morning in dark residential streets without clear locations,’’ Superintendent Whyte said.

One man, Yousiff Chami, 27, has been charged over the alleged ambush. He appeared in Parramatta Local Court and was remanded in custody.

Just after 2pm on Thursday, officers from the Tactical Operations Unit (TOU) arrested a 23–year-old man on the corner Barber Street and Woodville Road, Guildford.

He has been taken to Parramatta Police Station, where he is expected to be charged in relation to incident.

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