Student leaders: Parramatta High

The Sun met Parramatta High School captains Ahmad Hammoud, Megan Norris,  Keisha Shirley and Mustafa Akin.

Picture: Natalie Roberts

Picture: Natalie Roberts

What is unique about you school?

Ahmad: There is always a new experience everyday here and there is always something to laugh about especially when we are involved in dressing up for fundraising activities.

Megan:  There are high expectations here but we can have fun while we meet them. There is a good balance between work and play

Keisha: I have been to another high school and I have a better relationship with the teachers here. They really care about my education.

Mustafa:  Our ability to have a very close relationship with our teachers. We can talk to them about any of our problems. There is always great welfare support.

What do you want to do when you leave school?

Ahmad: I'd like to do medicine, specializing in cardiology

Megan: Something with design, probably costume design.

Keisha: Maybe nursing

Mustafa: I want to do a bachelor of veterinary science. I volunteer 2 days per week at a Blacktown Veterinary clinic now.

Why do you think being a school leader is important?

Ahmad: We help to try mould a better future for our school

Megan: To lead the other students so they have a good example to follow.

Keisha:  To inspire the other students

Mustafa: Being a role model to the younger students and a voice for the younger students.

If you were the principal what would you introduce?

Ahmad: More mufti days for fundraising and community involvement

Megan: Regular student market days or mini fetes.

Keisha: An indoor pool and give everyone a free period for private study.

Mustafa:  I'd love to have a massive gymnasium, with an arcade for the students. 

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