Message strikes a chord

CABRAMATTA High School celebrated the many different cultures at the school at Harmony Day last week.

Students performed in cultural dances and the school held activities which allowed the students to discuss what Harmony Day meant to them.

Teacher Toni Robinson said the school's population is drawn from several cultural groups.

"We look at celebrating days that acknowledge these differences and allow students the opportunity to work together as a whole," she said.

"We also celebrate Peace Day each year in November."

Year 9 student, Lavern Leauma enjoyed celebrating Harmony Day at the school because it brought all of the students together.

"Today I performed a traditional Samoan dance which represented peace and harmony," she said. "Because today brings all our cultures together people don't care what race you are and that makes me proud."

Year 11 student Jenifer Nguyen said she performed a traditional Vietnamese dance in front of her peers because she was not ashamed of her culture.

"Today I get to see other new cultural dances I wouldn't normally be able to see," she said. "Harmony Day proves any cultures can work together and bring each other's strengths."

Fowler MP Chris Hayes said according to Australian Bureau Statistics data his electorate was the most multicultural in Australia, with 50 per cent of residents born overseas. "Harmony Day is a day we celebrate the vibrancy, colour and diversity of our multicultural nation," he said.

"Becoming the Member for Fowler has allowed me to see first hand the wonderful contributions various cultural groups make not only to their respective communities but also to the general fabric of Australia itself."

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