Salsa machine unbeatable

NICK Frost (Shaun of the Dead) ventures out for his first solo lead role in Cuban Fury, a British romantic comedy about the art of salsa dancing.

As a teenager in the 1980s, Bruce Garrett (Frost) was, in his own words, an "unstoppable salsa machine", spinning and dipping his way to the national titles with his partner, sister Samantha.

But, on the night of the final salsa competition, Bruce was attacked by a group of bullies and forced to eat the sequins right off his shirt, a trauma that in one act killed his love for the Latin dance.

Twenty-five years later, Bruce, now an engineer, has not danced since the attack.

Enter his new American boss, Julia Matthews (Rashida Jones, The Social Network). Bruce is immediately taken with Julia, and when, after some light stalking, he discovers she has a passion for salsa, his plan is set - he will win her over with a display of his salsa feet of fire.

Bruce reconnects with his old mentor, the hard, none-too-friendly Ron Parfait (Ian McShane) to re-learn everything he once knew.

In typical dance-movie style, there are montages aplenty, with Bruce practising on the train, in the car park, in his office chair as he attempts to shimmy his way into Julia's heart.

Chris O'Dowd (Bridesmaids) plays Drew, Bruce's co-worker and rival in the battle for Julia's affections.

The rivalry between Bruce and Drew culminates in a rather ridiculous car park dance off, that's equal parts silly and fun.

Cuban Fury's most excessively fun character is Kayvan Kovac's Bejan, Bruce's metrosexual friend who deliberately drinks flat Fanta and cites 80s' movies in conversation.

All the principal cast members are light on their feet (barring McShane, who is strangely not shown dancing at all in the film), hip-swivelling and arm-extending their way through the film.

Cuban Fury is about overcoming the odds, beating the bully demons and reclaiming your life. It's an underdog story imploring viewers not to let the nay-sayers get them down.

Cuban Fury is in cinemas now and is rated M.

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