Prairiewood High School chicks to grow for Royal Easter show

PRAIRIEWOOD High School welcomed a dozen newborn chicks last week.

Steggles delivered the chicks to the Wetherill Park school as a part of the Sydney Royal Easter Show's Meat Bird Pairs Competition.

The school's year 7 students will do the program with agriculture teacher Garrick Mulcahy.

Mr Mulcahy said the main aim of the competition was to prove that meat birds do not have to be fed growth hormones.

He said the average meat bird would grow to about 1.2-1.8 kilograms in as little as 42 days without the need of drugs or hormones.

"Our chick will be fed a special meat bird ration, which is high in protein to help improve growth," he said.

"Students will be feeding and monitoring the health and growth rate of the chickens."

The competition will judge the meat birds on survivability, average body weight, feed conversion and average age.

Mr Mulcahy said the program offered a hands-on approach to educating children about chicken farming practices in Australia.

"I teach the students that this is where our food comes from and the students are getting better at understanding this concept," he said. "They know the chicks are here for a reason and food does not just come from a polystyrene tray."

The school will present its best birds at the Royal Easter Show, to be judged in April.

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